Some Skin Care Tips for Pregnant Women

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Oct 03 2013

When women expect babies, they get very excited. However the hormones in their system also go high. There are a lot of changes that the body needs to adjust to in order to make room for the child to grow. Although these changes can be amazing, they can change your skin and most times, these skin changes are not pleasant. To prevent your skin from being affected throughout pregnancy, there are some tips you need to consider. Below are some of them; however you can find even more tips at Saver Gen.

  1. Eat more fruits. Eating more fruits help to strengthen not only you but also the skin. When this happens, you can be assured of healthy looking skin and also a healthy baby. Fruits help in preventing skin damages so, eating them in huge quantities is advisable.

  2. There are times when you will have sudden breakouts. To prevent this, you need to be cautious of the types of skin care products you use. If you have issues with acne, you need to consult your doctor before you apply any acne products on your skin. Using the wrong products can worsen breakouts and leave your skin looking damaged.

  3. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day is fine and more will be great. This way, you will have all unwanted toxins in your system that can aid in skin damages washed out when you urinate. Drinking clean water is best.

  4. Eat more vegetables. Many pregnant women hate to eat vegetables. However eating more vegetables like carrots, cabbage, spinach, green pepper, fresh tomatoes, onions, cucumber, and others will help you a lot in improving your skin at a large scale. Yes, you will be healthy and will have fair skin as well.

  5. Eat more proteins and healthy fats. If you are on a diet, pregnancy does not permit you to be on a diet. During pregnancy, you can eat anything you feel like eating except the doctor advises you not to do so. However you will need to eat more fish, eggs, chicken and other stuff like that. Do not eat too much fatty foods because it can help in causing skin damages.

  6. Have regular exercises in the first few months of pregnancy. Being pregnant does not mean you need to stay fat. Even while you are pregnant, you need to exercise a lot and make sure you eat balanced diets. There are special exercises for pregnant women that you should consider.

  7. Exfoliate your skin mildly if you see darker skin lines to get rid of dead skin cells. There are products that can be used for this process. It will however be safer to ask your doctor to make some recommendations. Never buy products on your own without the advice of doctors especially during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a beautiful gift that needs to be enjoyed and treasured. This is why protecting your skin and your baby should not be a scary process to go through.

You can find more details of skin care tips during pregnancy at Saver Gen. Start planning your skin care needs today in order to have a tension free pregnancy period.

3 Best things to do in Paris Tour:

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Jun 22 2013

If you are planning to go on a Paris tour and you have no idea what to do there, o r even if you are deciding that whether going with Paris tour is a good idea or not than this article is just for you. In the following lines you will get to know 3 of the best things that you can do in your Paris tour if you are planning to take that tour privately to Paris:

Moulin Rouge Show:

If you are a guy that wants her lady to enjoy in the best possible manner over her Paris Trip than it is surely a good idea to take her to Moulin Rouge show. However Rouge show is also loved and admired by gents to the masses too! Moulin Rouge show in known to be the best show in the entire Paris, and is also ranks in top shows in Europe too! In this show you will get to see some of the world’s best show girls as well as French dancers that will give you complete entertainment. This show normally sells out as soon as you can think, therefore if you are willing to go in this show than you surely need to be very quick in booking the tickets!

Moulin Rouge Show

Eiffel Tower:

Your Tour De Paris can never be completed without Eiffel Tower, as it is known to be one of the most prominent land marks in the history of France. However before going on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, you need to wait in long queues. If you are trying to skip all those tiring lines in order to reach the second floor of that beautiful Eiffel Tower than all you have to do is to get a “Skip the Lines Ticket”. This ticket will not only allow to skip the queues, but you will also be guided by a tourist guide who will be providing his guiding services in English, hence allowing you to make the most out of it.

paris 1

Palace of Versailles:

Want to have a taste of history and royalty? Than Palace of Versailles is surely the place for you. England is not the only place where one can see Palaces and Royalty, as France has its own Royalty to show to you. If you choose to go with right source and Tourism Company, than you might be able to view the areas of this Palace which are listed in UNESCO World Heritage list. Besides that, you might also get the chance to See King Louis 14’s Library too!

Palace of Versailles

One should also visit the Palace of Versailles (Château de Versailles) as French kings once did with this small-group tour that includes an once-in-a-lifetime private viewing of the palaces Royal Quarters. This exclusive tour gives you priority entrance to Versailles through a reserved door and provides you with unprecedented access to magnificent private rooms such as Louis library which are usually not allowed for general public to visit. This will also allow you to have a sneak peak of the UNESCO World-Heritage-listed Palace of Versailles that most of the people don’t get chance to see.



Top Benefits of Paleo Diet

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May 30 2013

You might have heard that Paleo diet is healthy and helps you remain in the best of health. This is true, but you need to come across the actual benefits that are there for the taking in terms of the Paleo diet. For those who wish to lose weight, Paleo diet offers the ideal way out without keeping the people away from food. The benefits of going with Paleolithic era foods are immense. Though, there are several benefits you can reap, yet it is always better to consult the doctor before getting it started with a particular type of the Paleo diet.


According to medical experts, having fiber in the diet can serve various benefits. Dietary fibers are a great way to remain healthy. Such diet helps you to overcome health issues like constipation etc. Moreover, fibrous diet can help in overcoming heart diseases. Fiber helps in lowering the cholesterol level, which is something everyone should look forward to. In addition, for those looking for an efficient way out in terms of weight loss, fiber plays a key role.

Weight Loss

When it comes to the benefits of the Paleo diet, weight loss is one of the fundamental advantages one cannot afford to take for granted. The Paleo diet is naturally low in carbohydrates, which helps you to lose weight without enduring much pain or effort. The low-carb diet is rated by the medical experts, as one of the best diet types available, not just because of the weight loss properties, but also, this diet type helps in overcoming the risk factors related to the heart diseases.

Absence of Allergen

Paleo diet is gluten and casein free. Both casein and gluten are the types of allergens that can spark the immunological activities. This helps you to stay away from food allergy, which can serve to be a huge setback, not just temporarily, but also for the days to come. Therefore, the use of a Paleo diet should be the way to go as it is free of any allergens that can cause health illnesses.

Other Health Benefits

Apart from those mentioned, Paleo diet can help you live a healthy life. With the Paleo diet in place, the health requirements are fulfilled in an ideal manner. For this reason, this diet type can help you live a healthy life, and along with that, you can overcome health related issues, which can enable you to live a sound life without having to worry too much about your health.

Collector’s Issues

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May 15 2013

Appearing in Next Month’s COLLECTOR’S ISSUE!

Twelve months after its debut at the Sydney Opera House, the monster that many believed had since died of shame gave a wholly unexpected — but far more revolting — repeat performance at the 1981 Mr. Olympia contest in Colum­bus, Ohio.

More than 4000 stunned fans — in­cluding Joe Weider — were sick to their stomach the night of Oct. 9 when Oscar State announced the results of the once highly respected event. The booing and catcalling rose to a deafening volume when Franco Columbu was declared Mr. Olympia 1981 — and winner of the $20,000 cash prize — over an amaz­ingly improved Tom Platz, a flawless and ripped Danny Padilla, an outrage­ously muscled Roy Callender.

It was bodybuilding’s Good Friday, that never-to-be-forgotten Saturday night when a group of self-seekers nailed bodybuilding to the cross of dis­illusionment.

Be sure to read the full story of the most exciting Mr. Olympia ever staged — and the regrettable finale that turned the whole event into bodybuilding*s darkest hour.

In our next issue we’ll give you a blow-by-numbing-blow account of the 1981 Mr. Olympia, with 32 pages of super color photos to back up our re­port.

Big Arm Bonus

Also in our next issue you’ll find Ber­th Fox’s amazing biceps routine, fully illustrated, reported by Rick Wayne. See how Bertil built his twice-split 22-inch upper arms.

Triceps Course

Mike Mentzer will take you through an outlandish triceps course, showing you how he built a pair of the most amazing triceps in bodybuilding history.

Order Your Collecter’s Copy Today Be sure to read the next issue of Muscle & Fitness and discover what professional bodybuilders have de­cided to do about the sorry state of their sport. Full of regular features plus sur­prises, it’s a collector’s item not to be missed! â–ˇ _______



(Continued from page 87)

longer distinguish between the two, it howled in distress.

Conditioning can be used to good advantage in bodybuilding training. Any stimulus can be used as a condi­tioning stimulus. You have to find an unconditioned stimulus that causes the response you want.

Massive muscle and great strength are satisfying because of their associ­ation with other stimuli, with other re­wards. The praise and respect of those important to you are powerful re­wards. So are trophies and titles. Money is a strong motivating force. Money, for its own sake, is not intrin­sically satisfying, but we will strive for it, often to the point of self-destruc­tion, because of its association with other desirable stimuli.

When you train alone, you have to rely on your own devices, essentially the basic reinforcers that make your efforts worthwhile. The rewards, how­ever, are projected. They may hope­fully become realities in the future.

The training partner, on the other hand, offers instant realization. His presence alone is a form of respect. He elects to train with you because he sees you as a worthwhile partner. His simple affirmation of “Good!” after your monstrous effort on an exercise is instant praise that reinforces. He moni­tors your growth on a daily basis, and his positive assessment is an instant reward that continues to motivate you.

The additional pair of eyes and hands offer a security and assurance unavailable alone. Two people are stronger than one. The individual can draw on this strength. He develops conditioned responses that are strong and frequent. Thus reinforced, he be­comes a better bodybuilder faster.

And isn’t that what every body­builder, male or female, wants? â–ˇ


(Continued from page 63)


SQUAT — This is the basic thigh movement. It boosts the body’s metabolism and helps you to gain lean muscle mass. Many bodybuilders call the Squat the “king of bodybuilding exercises.”

Start with your feet set at about shoulder width, your toes angled out­ward at about 45 degrees on each side. Rest a heavy barbell behind your neck across your trapezius muscles and balance it in place with your hands. Stand erect and focus your gaze at shoulder level throughout the


movement. This will keep your heac up as you squat and prevent you back from rounding during the move ment. Tense your back muscles anc keep them tight for the whole set.

From this basic starting position squat down until your thighs are be low an imaginary line drawn parallel tc the floor. As you squat down, you torso should be held as erect as pos sible, and your thighs should trave outward at 45-degree angles directly over the line of your feet. Do no bounce at the bottom of the move­ment. Simply stop the movement once your thighs are below parallel and ther return to the starting point by straight ening your thighs. Repeat the move ment for the required number of repe titions.

You should wear a weightlifting bel when doing your Squats. If you ex perience difficulty doing your Squat; flatfooted (a sign of ankle inflexibility) you can rest your heels on a 2X4-incl board while squatting.

FRONT SQUATS — This movement is very similar to Squats, except that the bar is held across the upper chest anc shoulders during the movement, rathe than across the upper back and shoul ders. Front Squats place more stres; on the muscles just above the knee: than do regular Squats.

LEG PRESS — Many bodybuilder use Leg Presses in place of Squats because Leg Presses place less straii on the lower back. Start by lying witl your head at the lower end of ai angled board and your hips directl under the movable platform. Plac< your feet on the board at shoulde width and straighten your legs. Re lease the safety stops of the machine Bend your legs as fully as possible then straighten them. Repeat for th required number of repetitions.

HACK SQUATS — I’ve found this t be an excellent movement for en hancing thigh cuts and shape. Plac your feet on the angled platform wit your heels about 12 inches apart an your toes pointed outward at 45 degree angles on each side. Ben< your legs fully and rest your bac against the sliding platform. Grasp th handles beside your hips to stead your back against the sliding plai form. From this position, straighte and bend your legs for the require number of repetitions.

LUNGES — This is a basic move ment for enhancing definition, and should be used prior to a competitior It is particularly good for improvin your upper thigh muscularity. Start i the same position as you would for (Continued on page 91

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5 Best reasons of Going with a Paris Tour:

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May 05 2010

If you are planning that whether you should go with a Paris tour or not than this article is surely a worth a read for you, and this is because it would allow you to make a decision that whether this place is right for you or not.

In the following lines you will get to know about 5 of the best reasons of going with Paris tour:

images (10)

Romantic Nights:

If you are a newly married couple or if you want to go with your fiancé on a romantic trip than Paris tour is surely the perfect place for you, as Paris is the city that is known for its romance and romantic nights! Even Candlelight dinners and French Kiss is originated from France, so there is nothing more like enjoying a romantic trip at Paris, as the stunning view of River Sienna will leave you speechless and make you fall in love again with your partner.

Excellent Cuisine:

French Cuisines are known worldwide for their taste, and are readily adopted by other cultures too, as they just go right with them. French Fries and French Toast are known to be the most common French dishes that you eat in your day to day lives. In order to enjoy all the other French Cuisines in the best possible manner than Paris is surely the vacation spot for you!

Disneyland Paris:

Want to have real fun time with your kids, wife or friends? Than Disneyland Paris is surely the place for you, as it has all the kids as well as mature rides for everyone to enjoy. You can get to enjoy two different theme parks in just a single ticket, and you are also allowed to jump to any park you want at any time, hence allowing you to get the best and the most perfect enjoyment time. However the only problem that you would face in Disneyland Paris are the long queues.

images (11)

Historical Landmarks:

France has a very prominent historic value, as it has a number of historical landmarks for you to visit. You can rewind the memories of World War II by visiting D-Day Beach in Normandy which has a great historical value in that war. Secondly you can also check out Palace De Versailles, which was the home of King of France and other Royals, hence allowing you to witness all that. Thirdly you can visit centuries old Churches and can get fascinated by the art and architecture of that time. Next you can also check out the World’s one of the Wonders, known as Eiffel Tower which also has a great historical value.

River Cruises:

Sienna River Cruise is surely the cruise that you can’t miss at any cost! Beautiful view of Sienna river will let you enjoy to the masses, and no Paris tour is completed without this Sienna River Cruise.

Hence it is evident that whether you are planning to go with your friends, family or loved ones, Paris is surely the perfect place for you to relax and enjoy in the best possible manner.